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1942 Camp Barkeley, Army and Navy Commission LCMS list.pdf
Names of LCMS members stationed at Camp Barkeley.

1942 Camp Barkeley, Lutheran Service Center opening.pdf
Lutheran Service Center opening at Camp Barkeley, Abilene

1942 Camp Barkeley, members of Zion Abilene.pdf
Membership updates to Chaplain Saar from the Army and Navy Commission.

1942 Camp Barkeley, The Lutheran Chaplain Newsletter.pdf
Lutheran Chaplain Newsletter from 1942

1942-10-07 Camp Barkeley, Tiede-Wiederaender correspondence.pdf
Mr. Herman Tiede of Ada, Minnesota writing to Rev. Wiederaender to get in touch with his son's chaplain at Camp Barkeley. Asking for a 15 day furlough so his son can come home to help with the potato harvest.

1944-08-06 Camp Barkeley, Lutheran Service Center Anniversary.pdf
Program for Lutheran Service Center anniversary

1956-03-15 District Youth Workers Institute letter and info.pdf
Program information for upcoming District Youth Workers Institute conferences, 1956-03-15

1959-11-07 Regional Youth Counselor Conference.pdf
Program information from Regional Youth Conference, 1959-11-07

1961-11-04 Financial Report of Youth Counselor Workshops.
Financial report from Youth Counselors Workshops, 1961

Dean Dammann worship devotion.pdf
Devotion by Dean Dammann on Youth and Worship
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