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1967 District Office photo.jpg
Photo of the new district office in 1967.

1951 office dedication.jpg
An article in the Texas Messenger featuring the dedication of the Texas District office on the southwest side of Concordia College in Austin.

1962-02-06 Abilene, Our Savior, Circuit 4 Info.pdf
List of Texas District LCMS churches in Circuit 4 as of February 6, 1962.

1962-02-04 Abilene, Our Savior, bulletin.pdf
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, bulletin from Our Savior in Abilene, dated February 4, 1962.

1962-02 Abilene, Our Savior, Church Newsletter.pdf
February 1962 church newsletter for Our Savior in Abilene.

1961-09-30 Abilene, Our Savior, Hellbusch-Mattil letter .pdf
Response letter from E.H. Hellbusch with Church Extension Fund to Rev. Fred Mattil, dated September 30, 1961.

1961-09-28 Abilene, Our Savior, Mattil letter to district re CEF.pdf
Letter from Rev. Fred Mattil to the district office regarding Church Extension Fund information, dated September 28, 1961.

1961-09 Abilene, Our Savior, Church Newsletter.pdf
September 1961 church newsletter for Our Savior in Abilene.

1960-05-07 Abilene, Our Savior, Jesse-Pflug letter .pdf
Letter from Rev. Ernst Pflug to Rev. Albert Jesse regarding call information, dated May 7, 1960.
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